Tuesday, October 27, 2009

P90X Day 80: Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper X

Mentally, I think I've relied too much on the knowledge that once I'm unable to bust out any more full-body-weight pull-ups, I can always plant a foot on a chair to help me crank out a few more. Not today. My goal during this morning's final Back & Biceps workout was to do as many unassisted pull-ups as possible.

Here's how I did on the pull-up moves in Week 5 versus Week 12 (today):

Wide Front Pull-Ups

Week 5: 10 unassisted
Week 12: 15 unassisted

Switch Grip Pull-Ups

Week 5: 5 unassisted
Week 12: 10 unassisted

Corn Cob Pull-Ups

Week 5: 3 unassisted
Week 12: 7 unassisted

Towel Pull-Ups

Week 5: 0 unassisted (yes, I suck)
Week 12: 6 unassisted (still sucking, but less so)


Week 5: 4 unassisted
Week 12: 8 unassisted

Max Rep Pull-Ups

Week 5: 0 unassisted (too damn tired at the end of the workout!)
Week 12: 6 unassisted (still too damn tired!)

Not too shabby for a guy who could only muster a grand total of 7 pull-ups on August 6!