Friday, October 2, 2009

P90X Day 55: Yoga X

I really enjoyed Yoga X this morning.  My moving Ashtanga poses aren't as clunky and awkward as before, and my Vinyasa transitions were smooth and strong.  I'm feeling progressively steadier and more centered.  I can hold the balance poses (Tree, Standing Leg Extensions, Royal Dancer, etc.) without stumbling around, and even my attempts at Twisting Half Moon -- while still imperfect -- are much improved.  

Of course, before I start strutting around like some kind of hotshot yoga stud, I have to remind myself that it's taken a whopping 900 minutes -- FIFTEEN HOURS -- of Yoga X just to get to the point where I'm not falling over.  And I still can't get keep my legs straight during the Yoga Belly 7 moves.