Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who is Pam the Blam?

A month and a half into P90X, I've become increasingly (obsessively?) curious about Tony & Pals. And why not? Not only are they ridiculously buff (with the exception of pasty Kenpo master Wesley Idol, who has the pallor and muscle tone of wet dough but could nonetheless break me in half), I'm currently spending more time with them than with my closest friends. Plus, many of Tony's cohorts have incredibly compelling backgrounds. Erik Stolhanske is just one example.

Take Pamela Moore -- a.k.a. "Pam the Blam." Tony describes her as a "private investigator," which is already pretty fucking cool, but from her online bio, it appears that she's more than just a detective for hire. Among other numerous and diverse accomplishments, Pam:
If Tony had read Pam's résumé before they shot P90X, there's no way he'd settle for a nickname as prosaic as "Pam the Blam." I'm sure he would have bestowed upon her a more evocative moniker, like "Pam the Flying Medical Professional" or "Public Radio Pam" or "Nashieqa Washington."

Admit it: Of all of Tony's sweaty minions, Pam the Blam is now your hands-down favorite, too. Go friend her on Facebook!

[OCT. 2009 UPDATE: Pam contacted me after reading this post, and I had the opportunity to interview her at length. Read it here.]

[JAN. 2011 UPDATE: Pam's back with a new video -- and she's gone Paleo!]