Wednesday, September 2, 2009

P90X Day 25: Rest Day / TRX Suspension Training

I had a Tony-free workout this morning. Rather than luxuriate in a session of X Stretch, I did some lifting and resistance exercises with some of my pre-P90X tools: my dumbbell set and my TRX Suspension Trainer. For those who aren't familiar with the latter, here's a video demonstrating what it does:

Two years ago, after installing a TRX Suspension Trainer in my garage (by fastening an official TRX X-mount anchor to an exposed rafter, though I should have just gone with a plain old "U" bolt to save some bucks), I started using it regularly for body weight resistance exercises. It's great for developing core stability and balance; even a simple push-up can be made a lot more challenging with TRX because it forces you to balance while trying to perform the move.

Since starting P90X, I'd stopped using my TRX, but as soon as I picked it up again this morning, I was reminded of how much I enjoy using this thing. I'm thinking about incorporating the TRX into my P90X chest/arm/back sessions, especially when Tony calls for standard or military push-ups. Plus, I want to add to Ab Ripper X one particularly gut-wrenching TRX exercise that I've always loved (and hated): The TRX Atomic Push-up.