Saturday, September 12, 2009

Four Rules

In this month's Men's Journal, fitness trainer and dietitian Jim White lays out four fat-burning nutrition rules:
  • Taper Carbs After Breakfast. Anchor your first meal with plenty of complex carbs, like oatmeal, for lasting energy, then eat fewer carbs throughout the day.
  • Eat Small, Eat Often. Instead of three meals a day, aim for five snack-size ones You won't be famished and eat unnecessary calories that turn into belly fat, and you'll speed up your metabolism, creating a calorie deficit that will burn fat.
  • Consume the Right Calories. Eliminate refined sugars and reduce calorie-dense foods, like anything processed.
  • Chow Fruit for Energy. One hundred calories of fruit (half a banana) before a workout will energize you and get burned off. Another 100 calories after your workout restores energy. More than that is too much sugar and will turn to fat.
Since starting P90X, I've already been (mostly) following all of these rules, but this was a good reminder to stick with the plan. (At least until I develop scurvy from eating only half a banana before and after my workouts.)