Thursday, August 13, 2009

The P90X Infomercial

I happened to catch the P90X informercial on the tube last night. I recall seeing it a few years ago (and being surprised that one of the contestants on "The Apprentice" was featured in the infomercial -- pre-Trump, of course), but now that I've started the program in earnest, I'm noticing things that wouldn't have caught my eye before.

For instance, I realized that most of the featured P90X user testimonials are provided by folks who were once incredibly fit: collegiate athletes, police officers, soldiers, tennis coaches, firefighters. Even the President of BeachBody (the makers of P90X), Jon Congdon, whose own super-ripped P90X results are prominently featured on the informercial, is "a skilled volleyball player and belongs to the California Beach Volleyball Association," according to his web bio. These are incredibly fit people who may have recently had a few too many cheeseburgers, and are using P90X to get back in shape -- not schlubs using P90X to get fit for the very first time.

So what does this say about P90X's effectiveness for those of us who've never been super-fit? I suppose I'll find out in about 12 weeks, but my antennae are up.