Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gone Fishin'

I came down with a cold on Sunday, but with a steady infusion of bone broth and a couple of long stretches of sleep, I got (mostly) better in record time. This morning, when the alarm went off, I was ready to go.

After a relatively long break from the gym, it felt good to be back -- and it was also a relief to learn that the workout wasn't a grinder, but rather a skills-focused session that brought us back to basics.

Post-warmup, we worked on handstand holds and hollow rocks. Specifically:

8 rounds of:
  • 20 seconds handstand hold
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 20 seconds hollow rock
  • 10 seconds rest
Ow. I'm kind of terrible at hollow rocks. I'm no Carl Paoli, sadly.

Next up:

Kettlebell swing practice, followed by band-resisted kettlebell swings. Band-resisted swings look like this:

Amazingly, once the bands were removed and we did regular old swings again, the kettlebell felt like it was floating up in the air. Seriously: FLOATING -- almost like there were enormous helium balloons attached to the bottom of the kettlebell.

Last but not least, we pulled out the ergs and played some Fish Game.

I'm not very good at Fish Game, but when I play, I forget that I'm rowing. And that's a very, very good thing. I got a score of 795, which is a new high score for me.

Naturally, I went and rang the gym's PR bell.