Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time Trials

We did time trials a week ago, and I feel like I'm still recovering. As you may recall, time trials at our gym consist of six movements -- all done with maximum effort and speed -- with a few minutes of rest in-between. The point is to establish -- and beat -- our own benchmarks.

We've done time trials three times before, and these were my results:

On Wednesday, however, we substituted 50 overhead kettlebell swings at 24kg in place of the 400-meter run. Fine by me, I thought. But why couldn't we do away with the rowing instead?

Despite my wrist (which ain't 100 percent yet, but is improving), the pull-ups felt great -- I didn't beat my previous time, but I got through the first 35 uninterrupted, and it didn't take long to finish the rest. I had no trouble with the squats, and the sit-ups were okay.

But I pretty much killed myself trying to fly through the kettlebell swings. By the time I finished them, I had a double ass cramp, and I hadn't even gotten on the erg yet. After the 500-meter row, both quads were seizing up, too. It took a good half-hour of rolling around on the floor in agony before I managed to stumble to the car and drive home.

In other words: Fun!


Pull-ups: 1:33
Squats: 0:44
Push-ups: 1:05
Sit-ups: 1:13
Swings: 1:42
Rowing: 1:50.9

Total: 8:07.9

Not as fast as my last go-round in August, but I think I've learned my lesson. The next time we do this, I'm going to try to leave enough in the tank so I can actually stand up after the workout.