Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I must not have been fully awake today. You'll see why in a sec.

Strength Skill:
  • Zercher Squats (5-5-5-3-3)
It's been half a year since we last practiced Zercher squats, and I'm feeling a little rusty. Nonetheless, I love strongman exercises (despite being the very opposite of a strongman), and it makes me happy to pull out the thick bar and squeeze it in the crook of my elbows.

I got nowhere near my previous PR (of 225 pounds) today, but by the time I finished the last set, I was feeling solid, and think (hope?) I have a shot at besting my previous record by the end of this cycle.

  • "CC Flyers" -- 3 rounds for time of:
    • 400-meter run
    • 12 overhead squats (95lbs / 65 lbs)
    • 21 box jumps (20")
I watched Tim write the workout on the whiteboard, and studied it before I changed out of my weightlifting shoes. But for whatever reason, I transposed the "1" and the "2" on the overhead squats, and thought it said TWENTY-ONE overhead squats instead of twelve.

"You're going RXed, right?" Steph asked. "You just did twenty 95-pound overhead squats during Air Force WOD, and you won't be doing all the other lifts."

"Uh, no," I replied. "Too many reps today." There's no way I'm doing 63 overhead squats at 95 pounds, I thought to myself. I'm sure Steph thought I was nuts.

So I scaled down to 75 pounds. And did 21 overhead squats per round. And finished slower than a sloth on pot.

Result: 12:57.

It wasn't until an hour after class -- after we'd returned from guzzling coffee and I cracked open my log book to enter in today's workout -- that I realized I'd misread the workout.

Perhaps I need to drink coffee BEFORE my workout instead.