Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Workout

Today's workout was a reprise of the one we did back on January 4:
  • 5 rounds for time (or AMRAP in 20 minutes):
  • 15 deadlifts (135lbs / 95lbs)
  • 12 hang power cleans (135lbs / 95lbs)
  • 9 front squats (135lbs / 95lbs)
  • 6 jerks (135lbs / 95lbs)

Once again, I decided to go with 95 pounds. It felt a little light at first, and I blazed through the first couple of rounds. Frankly, I probably could have gone a bit heavier -- but by the time I got to the third set of front squats, the barbell felt plenty heavy.

Result: 16:37. Progress!

Barbells make me feel manly -- even when I'm lifting the women's RXed weight.