Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Workout

Sandbags, sandbags, sandbags!

The last 5 a.m. sandbag workout we did at CrossFit Palo Alto was in August of 2010 -- eighteen months ago. In that time, I'd forgotten how challenging they could be.

4 rounds for time:
  • 400 meter sandbag carry
  • 10 strict pull-ups
  • 15 sandbag sit-ups
  • 20 bear-hug squats
The sandbag sit-ups (done while clutching a sandbag on one's chest) and bear-hug squats (done while cradling/hugging a sandbag) were fine -- I got through 'em without any trouble. But the sandbag run was all kinds of awful. Regardless of the position of the sandbag, I felt like it was dragging and twisting me to the side. My shuffle was slow as molasses.

As for the strict pull-ups, I'm a little embarrassed by my final two sets. Super-ugly. I'm just glad I got 'em done (eventually).

Result: 24:27 as RXed.