Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Does It Take To Turn the Heads of New Yorkers?

Another Reebok CrossFit video filmed in New York City:

I'm sure the handstand walk across the street turned some heads, but it looks like most New Yorkers didn't bat an eye when they passed elite CrossFitters doing kipping pullups on construction scaffolding or air squats on the sidewalk. (I liked watching them jump over each other -- it looked like fun -- but Manhattanites are used to seeing that sort of thing done with more panache.) Folks probably just assumed that these firebreathers were participating in an afternoon bootcamp exercise program. And who could blame them, when they're accustomed to encountering much more eye-popping spectacles around town?

Here are a few examples.

No Pants Subway Rides:


Grocery Store Musicals:

Flying People:

This Guy:

What CrossFit WOD do you think would stop New Yorkers in their tracks? My vote's for Amanda: