Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday's Workout

This morning, when I craned my neck from the pillow to peer at the alarm clock, the display read: 5:09 a.m.

Crap. I'd overslept by almost an hour, and the 5 a.m. class was already underway. I should've just gone back to sleep, but what the hell -- I was already awake, so I threw on some clothes and headed off to the gym.

The penalty for being 25 minutes late to class? Burpees and Shake Weight. The burpees were a decent way to warm up. The Shake Weight: Not so much. I think I would've preferred the Tug Toner:

I had enough just time to practice a set of pistols with the rest of the class before the metcon began.

3 rounds for time:
  • 50 double-unders
  • 21 overhead kettlebell swings (24kg / 16kg)
  • 12 pull-ups
My Buddy Lee rope has gone to jump rope heaven (it snapped in two, as did M's), so I grabbed one of the speed ropes at the gym. Unfortunately, the one I used today was fraying, and the jagged steel cable kept snagging on my shoelaces. After tugging it away from my laces a few times during the metcon, I ended up with an untied shoe -- which meant having to stop in the middle of the workout to bend down and tie my shoelaces.

After the first round of double-unders, I settled into a rhythm -- and although I had to put the kettlebell down a few times to catch my breath, I finished with a decent time.

Result: 10:14 as RXed. 

I was pretty out of it this morning, though. It felt like I'd been shot out of a cannon. Diving right into a metcon (albeit a quick one) less than a half-hour after waking was probably not among the smartest things I've ever done.