Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seven Minutes of Heaven

Holy moly. That was no joke.

I'm not exactly in love with burpees, but I was looking forward to the first CrossFit Games Open workout nonetheless. A seven-minute AMRAP of burpees was a perfect way to start the Open -- a super-accessible, no-equipment, bodyweight-only test of conditioning.

At CrossFit Palo Alto, about two dozen of us showed up this afternoon to tackle the WOD. We took turns judging, counting, and cheering for each other, and a number of spectators came to show their support as well.

Some of the firebreathers in the group absolutely killed this one. My partner, LaHo, tore through his reps like a beast on fire. So did a number of others, including Graeme and Trish.

Shane busted out 121. Insane.

Me? I shot out of the gate, and was happy to match Blake rep-for-rep for the first 80 reps or so. But then the wheels inevitably flew off, and as he peeled away, I stumbled and slowed. Usually, when I do burpees, my chest and arms are wrecked -- but today, my quads caught on fire and stayed that way. Jumping up to touch a bar just six inches beyond my outstretched arms turned out to be a lot more difficult than I expected, especially given my jelly legs.

Result: 93 burpees.

After we were done, Big-O and Lil-O got in on the act, too. Oddly enough, they didn't seem to think this workout was a big deal at all.

Overall: Awesome fun with some awesome folks.