Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Workout

Strength Skill:

The same old story: I can crank out endless pistols on my right leg, and fall on my ass when I attempt 'em on my left -- unless I'm clutching a kettlebell as a counterbalance. I've always figured that this points to a strength imbalance, but after chatting with the Terminator this morning, I'm starting to think that a lack of flexibility in my left ankle could also be contributing to my utter suckitude when it comes to pistols on my left side.

More to work on, I guess.


5 rounds for time:
  • 9 one-armed dumbbell deadlifts (each arm) (45lbs / 35lbs)
  • 6 one-armed dumbbell snatches (each arm) (45lbs / 35lbs)
  • 3 one-armed dumbbell overhead squats (45lbs / 35lbs)

This looked simple enough. As I warmed up, I found that the deadlifts and snatches were definitely doable with 45 pounds. But then I tried to squat while holding a dumbbell overhead with my left hand. That, my friends, was not easy. Feeling the strain across my back as my torso twisted on the way down into the hole, I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the RXed OHS weight. Instead, I went down to 30 pounds.

It was probably a little too light for me. I ended up whipping through the workout without pausing at all (except briefly to switch hands when necessary) -- though the Terminator still smoked me as usual. While the workout was more difficult than I'd originally anticipated, and the overhead squats remained the most challenging, I think I could've gone a tad heavier. C'est la vie.

Result: 7:14.