Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday's Workout: Gunk Removal

When the alarm clock went off this morning, I pulled the covers over my head and debated whether to go to the 5 a.m. class. My entire body is still aching from Saturday's Murph-fest; my chest, back, arms, and thighs feel like they've been whacked repeatedly with a blunt instrument. On the other hand, there's nothing like a good, hard workout to get me mobilized again. In Tim's words, "it'll get the gunk out."

So off I went.

Not surprisingly, even the warm-up was painful today. My squats and push-ups were hilariously awful, and brought out soreness in places that were entirely new to me.

And then Tim wrote the workout on the board.

5 rounds for time:
  • Row 500 meters
  • Run 400 meters
Oh, hell to the no.

My rowing is bad enough when I'm fresh, so I knew I was in for a smackdown. And I was right. The first few rounds were tolerable, but by the fourth round, I was toast. My quads were out of juice, and my arms refused to pull. I got through the final two rounds, but I was running on fumes. I certainly got the gunk out -- but I did it sloooowly.

When I shuffled back from the final 400 meter run, I didn't melodramatically collapse to the floor (as per my usual practice) -- mostly because I wasn't sure I'd be able to get back up again.

Result: 22:36 as RXed.