Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday's Workout: Don't Be An Idiot

Another good one today.

5 rounds for time:
  • 400-meter run
  • 5 deadlifts (225lbs / 155lbs)
  • 7 burpees
  • 9 pull-ups
I love deadlifts, so when they show up in a metcon, it's a real struggle to keep myself from going RXed. But ultimately, the risk of exacerbating the muscle tear in my back keeps me scared straight. As a result, I went super-light -- 135 pounds (my bodyweight) -- and focused instead on maintaining smooth movements through all the exercises. With another 90 pounds on the bar, I'm sure I would've gassed out quickly on the burpees and pull-ups, but today, I managed to get through the entire workout with unbroken sets. In particular, the pull-ups felt crisp and tight. 

Result: 16:35.