Monday, September 12, 2011

Terra Plana VivoBarefoot Neo Trails

Between my Chuck Taylors, Vibram FiveFingers, Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves, New Balance Minimus MT10s and MX20s, and Reebok CrossFit shoes, my shoe rack runneth over. But the shoe whore in me was stirred nonetheless by the sight of Terra Plana's brand-new VivoBarefoot Neo Trail shoes:

They're zero-drop shoes with wide toe-boxes and barely-there soles (though the outsole is studded with grippy lugs to facilitate trail running). And while they're not made with CrossFit in mind, they look like a worthy competitor to the Merrell Trail Gloves and New Balance Minimus MT10s.

I remember eying the Neo Trails a few months ago when I saw a sneak peek online, but promptly forgot about 'em when the NB MX20s came out.

Aside from a pair of Onitsuka Tigers Rotation 77s, the only shoes I wear to the office these days are from the VivoBarefoot line, but I've never tried any of the brand's athletic shoes. Sadly, I may have to wait a little while longer to give the Neo Trails a shot; with a $130 price tag, these babies are $45 more than my current favorites in the gym.

They're slick-looking, though, right?