Monday, September 12, 2011

Paleo Comfort Foods Interviews Us

M and I were recently interviewed by Julie & Charles Mayfield of Paleo Comfort Foods -- you can check out the Q&A here.

We were flattered to be called a "Paleo Power Couple" by a real Paleo Power Couple. Their new cookbook is all kinds of awesome, and has been an object of much attention in our house since it arrived last week; the kids have picked out the recipes they want to try, and M's been busily cranking out meals from the book, from fried chicken to creamed spinach to poached pears.

M and I were lucky enough to break bread eat meat and hang out with Jules and Charles when we were in L.A. last month for the Ancestral Health Symposium. They're not only super-accomplished (they hold down full-time day jobs while also running a CrossFit gym AND writing a cookbook and maintaining a kick-ass Paleo food blog), but also incredibly smart, fun and funny. Eating the food out of their cookbook is the next best thing to chilling with this super-cool couple.

(What? You haven't pre-ordered it a copy of Paleo Comfort Foods yet? DO IT ALREADY!)