Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Workout

For the first time in two years, I didn't exercise for a full week. My only physical activity -- if you could even call it that -- was to scramble around the Home Depot Center to take photos of the athletes competing in the CrossFit Games. (Also, on Thursday afternoon, I speed-walked to the Reebok tent hoping to buy some bright yellow shoes.) But other than that, I pretty much remained sedentary. If I hadn't headed back to CrossFit Palo Alto for our 5 a.m. class this morning, I would've gone stir crazy.

Strength Skill:
  • Weighted Pistols (Each leg: 2 sets of 3, 3 sets of 1)
The same old story: Once again, I worked my way up to doing one-legged squats while clutching a 53-pound kettlebell, but my left leg remains significantly weaker and less stable than my right. Damn you, left leg.


2 rounds for time:
  • 22 see-saw presses (45lbs / 30lbs)
  • 400-meter run
  • 22 box jumps (20")
  • 400-meter run
See-saw presses look like something my septuagenarian dad would do as part of his morning calisthenics (albeit using 5-pound dumbbells). But after trying 'em with a pair of 45-pound dumbbells, I quickly learned not to scoff at see-saw presses. The name may be whimsical and fun, but the actual movement didn't exactly leave me squealing with delight. I decided to go with 35-pound weights instead.

In retrospect, I should have gone heavier. I got through the first round of see-saw presses without any trouble, and while I took a couple of brief pauses during the second round of presses, they didn't punch me in the face or anything.

As for the running and box jumps, they were fine. I was excited about employing a new box jump approach that I saw a bunch of the Games competitors use this weekend: Jump up on the box, pause to stand up on top, jump backwards off the box, and immediately leap back up onto the box. It worked fine, though I had to fight the urge to rocket off the top of the box instead of steadying myself to stand and ensure full extension.

Result: 11:14.

Incidentally, I wore my new yellow kicks to the gym today (as did Tim), and they felt mighty fine. A detailed review is forthcoming -- I promise. Patience.