Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Workout

I wanted to deadlift today, but my groin is still giving me fits. While the rest of our class worked towards hitting new PRs, I was splayed out on the floor, using a foam roller to knead out my crotch.

This is killing me. I can't wait until I'm 100 percent again.

On the plus side, the metcon was something I could (sort of) do!

For time:
  • 240-meter farmer's walk (24kg / 16kg in each hand)
  • 45 wallballs (20lbs / 14lbs)
  • 240-meter farmer's walk (24kg / 16kg in each hand)
  • 45 burpees
I used the RXed weights, but to spare my groin, Tim suggested a couple of modifications: (1) I didn't fully squat at the bottom of each wallball rep -- I did 'em push-press-style instead; and (2) I did straight-leg burpees, meaning I popped up out of the push-ups without bending my knees.

Despite the scaled ROM, this was no joke. The farmer's walks were murder on my forearms, and by the end, I was setting the kettlebells down after every 30 or 40 steps. And the push-press wallballs were fast but challenging, too. The burpees, though, were by far the toughest for me; repeatedly jumping my feet to my hands to pike up from plank position kicked my ass. My hip flexors aren't going to like me very much tomorrow morning.

Still: It was a wicked good time.

Result: 14:04 (RXed weights, but modified range of motion)