Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Gym? No Problem.

The New York Times recently profiled Charlie Gasparino, a 48-year-old reporter for Fox Business Network who works out daily at East River Park in Lower Manhattan:
Using the monkey bars, he did more than a dozen sets of pull-ups -- some including as many as 30 -- and alternated them with fast-paced push-ups. He was soaked in sweat in just 15 minutes and still had another hour to go.

Many New Yorkers run outside or hit the gym, but Mr. Gasparino, a senior correspondent for Fox Business Network, chooses to shape up by using the urban landscape. “Exercising outside in the city is interesting, free and effective,” he said.
Depending on the day, Gasparino's 75-minute workouts may include "a two- to four-mile run around the park’s track and back and forth to the park from his apartment in Stuyvesant Town." In addition, he does "up to 36 sets of pull-ups on the monkey bars, wind sprints, and hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups." And he does this five to six days a week.

Okay -- it's a bit much, and the guy may not be giving his body enough time for proper recovery. But it's always good to remind folks -- especially those who complain about the price of memberships at fitness centers -- that the world is not only your oyster, but it can be your gym, too. And it's free!

(The only problem that M and I have discovered while trying to work out at our neighborhood playground? The pull-up bars and monkey bars are too damned close to the ground.)