Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Workout: Fight Gone Badder

On today's menu: Task Priority "Fight Gone Bad."

"And just what is that?" you ask. Well, it's just like the regular, garden-variety Fight Gone Bad, but instead of cranking out max reps for a minute at each station, you have to bust out 20 reps before moving on. In other words:

Three rounds for time:
  • 20 Wall Balls (20lbs - 10' target)
  • 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75lbs)
  • 20 Box Jumps (20")
  • 20 Push Presses (75lbs)
  • 20 Calorie Row
  • 1 Minute Rest
I've never experienced great success with Fight Gone Bad; my all-time high score (set back in January) is a measly 229. But here was my big chance to score 300! (Because, well, everyone scores 300 in Task Priority FGB.)

I started at the push-press station today, and they weren't so bad. Neither was the row (which is a surprise, given how much I hate rowing). But the wall balls? They're still a big speed bump for me -- try as I might, I wasn't able to do 'em unbroken. Heck, by the third round, I was lucky if I could string together five in a row.

Result: 23:18 as RXed. Not great, but not horrible. At the end, I was a sweaty mess, but I didn't feel like dying or anything. Progress!

Best line of the morning was from Jay, who scraped his shin bloody with a barbell during the "Fight": "Yeah, but you shoulda seen the bar," he grinned.