Saturday, March 5, 2011


M and I already eat pretty clean (she even completed the Whole30 recently), but we're still learning new things about optimizing our nutrition for health, longevity and performance. Today, we picked up all sorts of useful stuff at the Whole9 Foundations of Nutrition seminar.

Just a few of the dietary/lifestyle tweaks I'm going to try to implement after spending the day absorbing what Melissa and Dallas had to say:
  • Get more sleep -- especially the night before a 5 a.m. class at CrossFit Palo Alto. (Whole9's rule: Didn't get at least 6 hours of sleep? THEN NO EXERCISE FOR YOU. Use that time instead to get more Z's or prep some food.)
  • Stop pounding caffeine after noon. And if all goes well, I'll try to eliminate caffeine altogether from my diet. 
  • Reduce my intake of nuts and seeds -- and when I do indulge, I'm going to reach for macadamia nuts and hazelnuts over all others.
  • Cut the cheese. (HAR HAR! I meant cutting it from my diet.)
  • Eat something starchy/carby immediately post-workout.
  • Try to get over my aversion to olives, because they're awesome sources of fat (assuming no preservatives or other additives are in the mix).
  • Seriously cut back on fruit, and stop drinking juice altogether.
  • Never cook with olive oil again.
  • Break open the vat of duck fat we have sitting in the freezer.
I have more to add to this list, and you probably already have questions (I certainly did!), but I need to get to bed.

More later.