Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday's Workouts

Drizzly morning. Perfect weather for getting sweaty.

Strength Skill:
  • Snatch Balance (2 sets of 3, 3 sets of 1)
Better than last week. Yes, I had to dump the weight once, and I still have a tendency to jerk the bar rather than explode under it, but my last few reps weren’t half bad. Besides, I managed to up the weight this week. (I’m still only at 2/3X bodyweight, but hey: Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know. Patience.)


AMRAP in 10 minutes:
My forearms were on fire. And my legs. And my hands.

Before we began, I positioned myself next to the Terminator. He smokes me every time, leaving me choking in his dust, but that’s exactly the motivation I need to fuel my workouts.

To my surprise, I somehow managed to stay slightly ahead of the Terminator throughout most of the WOD this morning. But he’s a machine, and with less than two minutes left on the clock, he steadily closed the gap until he pulled in front. In the final few seconds, I caught up to the Terminator -- barely. We tied, each having completed 6 rounds + 24 reps.

On days like this, the benefits of working out alongside other CrossFit crazies are clear. There’s no way I would have pushed myself this hard if I’d done this WOD alone in my garage.