Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday's Workout

Even now, my right ass cheek is sore from Wednesday's pistols.

Thankfully, this morning's gymnastics practice at CrossFit Palo Alto didn't require much in the way of butt action. Instead, we played around with skin-the-cats, L-sits, and pass-throughs -- you know: Stuff that my six-year-old likes to do in our garage when he's bored.

But after goofing off on the rings and parallettes for a while, we got down to business.


4 rounds of 3 minutes each (with a one-minute rest in between rounds):
  • Round 1: Run 400 meters, then as many 95-pound barbell thrusters as possible;
  • Round 2: Run 400 meters, then as many pull-ups as possible;
  • Round 3: Run 400 meters, then as many 95-pound sumo deadlift high pulls as possible;
  • Round 4: Run 400 meters, then as many burpees as possible.
This was surprisingly fun (and not-so-surprisingly exhausting).

Despite my attempts to apply all the stuff I learned at last month's CrossFit Endurance running seminar, I'm not exactly quick on my feet. (I mean that literally, not figuratively.) So after finishing each quarter-mile run in each round, I didn't have much time left on the clock to crank out as many reps as I would've liked. But on the plus side, I knew I could dive headlong into the max-rep sets knowing I wouldn't have to keep up the pace for very long.

Total: 74 as RXed.

It's always good to start the weekend flat on my back. And clearly, I wasn't the only one who ended up horizontal after the workout:

(In fact, M did this workout, too, as part of her first-ever CrossFit class.)