Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small Balls


According to British researcher Sam Shuster, bodybuilders have abnormally small balls.

What explains this shrinkage of the bodybuilder’s balls? Since it is unlikely that only men with small balls undertake bodybuilding, we have to assume that small balls are causally related to this activity. Could these crypto-orchids be an adverse consequence of the pathological amount of exercise necessary to produce the vast amount of muscle? Is there a functionally inverse relationship between testicle size and muscle mass? Did Delilah find more to Sampson than was made public? It is well known that extreme exercise affects the endocrine system: for example, it explains the small breasts of ice-skaters2 [see “Ice Skaters Have Small Breasts,” in this issue of AIR] and ballet dancers. But, of course, ingestion of male hormones, a not entirely unknown practice amongst sportspeople, turns off the secretion of pituitary trophins, leading to testicular shrinkage.
In other words, it's gotta be the steroids, right?

(Source: Neatorama)