Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uh, Not Quite.

Author A.J. Jacobs has written books about self-experimentation before (notably, he lived in strict accordance with Biblical rules for a year), but he's now tackling a project to become "The Healthiest Person Alive." He's consulting with numerous health "experts" and is trying all sorts of different diets and fitness plans.

But from the video below, it looks like he's following a lot of wrong-headed advice. I have a feeling that "The Healthiest Person Alive" isn't someone who's using a treadmill desk and endlessly chewing on a a plate of raw food. And while Jacobs talks about having a single meal (of one blueberry and one walnut) with a bunch of extreme caloric restriction dieters, let's not confuse "healthiest" and "longest-lived." In my book, being miserable and on the verge of starvation doesn't make for good health.

Still, Jacobs is trying out barefoot running. Add some kettlebells and a Paleo-esque diet, and he's good to go. (And I'd actually buy that book.)

(Source: CNN)