Friday, December 3, 2010

The 4-Hour Body: Who Cares If It's Overhyped?

Author / record-breaking dancer / yabusame archer / fighter / speaker / relentless, cocky self-promoter Tim Ferriss is one of my heroes. And he's about to release a new book: "The 4-Hour Body."

This is a follow-up to his bestseller -- "The 4-Hour Workweek" -- and Ferriss has been hyping his new tome for months now. While the pitch comes across as a little (okay, a lot) over-the-top, I couldn't resist buying it. I pre-ordered a copy (along with Gary Taubes' upcoming book) a while back, and can't wait for it to show up on my doorstep.

Why? Because if even a fraction of what Ferriss is advertising is possible, this will be all sorts of awesome. Here's a description Ferriss posted on his blog:
YOU WILL LEARN (in less than 30 minutes each):
  • How to lose those last 5-10 pounds (or 100+ pounds) with odd combinations of food and safe chemical cocktails.
  • How to prevent fat gain while bingeing (X-mas, holidays, weekends)
  • How to increase fat-loss 300% using temperature manipulation
  • How Tim gained 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days, without steroids, and in four hours of total gym time
  • How to sleep 2 hours per day and feel fully rested
  • How to produce 15-minute female orgasms
  • How to triple testosterone and double sperm count
  • How to go from running 5 kilometers to 50 kilometers in 12 weeks
  • How to reverse permanent injuries
  • How to add 150+ pounds to your lifts in 6 months
  • How to pay for a beach vacation with one hospital visit
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are more than 50 topics covered, all with real-world experiments, many including more than 200 test subjects. You don’t need better genetics or more discipline. You need immediate results that compel you to continue. That’s exactly what The 4-Hour Body delivers.
Granted, I have serious doubts about the whole "sleep 2 hours and feel fully rested" thing. I am not about to ditch my Paleo approach in favor of "odd combinations" of "chemical cocktails." And I'm really uninterested in tripling my testosterone or doubling my sperm count, as (1) I am already super-manly (obviously), and (2) we're done pumping out kids. (We refuse to be outnumbered by our children.)

But increasing the weight on my lifts? Boosting my endurance? Reversing injuries? Sign me up.

(By the way, I asked M: "what do you think he means when he says we can learn 'how to produce 15-minute female orgasms'?" Her response: "That's why YOU need to read the book.")