Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Retail Therapy

Just in time for Black Friday, I've put up a link to my new Amazon shop (it's on the upper right of the page, see?), where readers can find a bunch of stuff that might be of interest -- from books on fitness and nutrition to equipment for exercise and cooking.

My online storefront ain't gonna make me rich, but it finally dawned on me that sending readers over to Amazon (and other vendors) without collecting a cut is, well, kind of dumb. It's like strolling past a dollar bill on the sidewalk without bothering to pick it up, right?

Don't worry -- I'll still keep this blog ad-free, and I won't stop recommending non-Amazon vendors and products. (For instance, I still think Rogue Fitness is the best place to buy CrossFit equipment like bumper plates and barbells. And Dragon Door remains my favorite source of high-quality kettlebells.)

Nonetheless, I suppose I can no longer say that I'm not trying to sell you anything. After all, I now have a financial incentive --  a whopping 4 to 6 percent kickback! -- to get you to buy stuff. So feel free to call me a sell-out. And once you've gotten it out of your system, go check out my shop and pick out something nice for yourself.