Monday, November 8, 2010

No Bun, On the Run

Canadians who visit the Truffles Burger Bar in Cornwall, Ontario can chomp on a "CrossFit Burger," which looks fantastically Paleo: a beef patty sandwiched between two portabello mushrooms in place of buns.

I'm not headed north of the border anytime soon, but M and I (and the boys) did get on a plane today for our annual trip to Maui. And although we were still packing when our friend came to drive us to the airport, we were hungry, and a pre-flight Paleo-esque burger sounded awesome.

It was too wet outside to fire up the grill, so I quickly grabbed some grassfed ground lamb from the freezer, defrosted it, and threw some patties on a lard-greased cast-iron skillet. After a few minutes on each side, I plopped each patty on a bed of romaine lettuce leaves, and tossed some avocado slices on top. I tore the meat in half, wrapped each piece up with avocado in lettuce, and slathered on some ketchup and mustard. (M had hers with salsa.)

It took just a few minutes to throw together, and a few more minutes to jam everything in our mouths before dashing for the airport. It was damned tasty, if I say so myself. (If M disagrees, she'll let you know on her blog.) Who says you can't eat Paleo on the run?