Friday, November 19, 2010

I Like to Read Stuff

There are a few newly-added sites on my blogroll, and if you haven’t yet checked ‘em out, you really should. Here’s why:

Free the Animal
  • Tom Naughton is a comedian-slash-documentary filmmaker who released a movie called “Fathead” last year. The film is a parody/response to Super Size Me, pulling back the curtains on Morgan Spurlock’s slippery claims and debunking what common wisdom has pounded into our heads about good nutrition, dietary fat, and the causes of obesity. Naughton’s mission to debunk bad food science didn’t end with his documentary; on his blog, he continues to level a critical eye on all sorts of nutrition and food-related subjects. It’s a fun read.

Cholesterol and Health
  • When M got her labs back last month, she discovered that her HDL – “good cholesterol” – was way up, but so was her LDL. Was this a problem? Nope. Nutrition PhD candidate Chris Masterjohn lays it all out on his website – an easy-to-read clearinghouse of information about the true nature of cholesterol. Masterjohn is another big name on in Paleo circles, and it’s easy to understand why. (Also check out Jimmy Moore's podcast interview with Masterjohn here.)
Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.
This Week in Paleo
  • I’ve found Angelo Coppola’s podcasts to be a great way to quickly expand my knowledge about all things Paleo. He does a thorough job of mining the blogosphere for information about ancestral eating, and frankly, it’s nice to be able to tear myself away from the computer screen and just download Angelo's podcast and listen to him chat about his week’s Paleo-related discoveries. And I’m not just saying this because my site has been featured as a "Blog of the Week" on TWIP, either. Honest.
Nom Nom Paleo
  • Nepotism be damned. Nom Nom Paleo is my better half's food blog, and she regularly posts all sorts of good, meaty stuff -- from full-blown (but simple) recipes to tips on staying Paleo when dining out. Plus, she cusses like a sailor. What's not to like?
Going forward, I’ll try to continue highlighting new sites that catch my eye – and please let me know if there are others I should check out. Happy Friday, folks.

(Image: inju)