Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's Workout

On days when I'm stuck at home, it's nice to have a garage that's sufficiently stocked with the equipment needed to do the same kind of workout that the folks in my gym are doing today.

Strength Skill:

Power Snatches

I like 'em, but my movements are still kind of awkward. With more weight added this time around, I found it more challenging to explode under the bar, and kept losing my balance. And somehow, I managed to smack my forehead with the bar (not too hard, thankfully) on my second-to-last set.


3 rounds for time:
  • 400-meter run
  • 15 dumbbell power cleans
  • 15 ring dips
Result: 12:14. My first set of ring dips were a breeze, which led me to believe that the subsequent sets wouldn't pose a problem. But the third round was humbling; I had to take my last few reps as singles.