Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Workout


Single-leg deadlifts. Three sets of 3, followed by three sets of 1.

My balance is crap.


For time:
  • 400 meter sprint
  • 21 barbell front squats
  • 30 Games standard push-ups (as introduced in this year's CrossFit Games: at the bottom of each rep, quickly drop to your chest and lift both hands off the floor while maintaining a strict plank position throughout)
  • 400 meter sprint
  • 15 barbell front squats
  • 20 Games standard push-ups
  • 400 meter sprint
  • 9 barbell front squats
  • 10 Games standard push-ups
The hardest part: Power-cleaning the barbell off the floor at the start of each set of front squats while still trying to catch my breath from the run. I finished in 13:08.