Saturday, April 17, 2010

Round 3 / Day 50: Chest & Ab Special

My five-year-old would be perfectly happy if Disneyland consisted of just two rides: Star Tours and Pirates of the Caribbean. In two and a half days, we've sat through each at least a half-dozen times. (I lost count after six.)

Me? I'd be content if Disney's Grand Californian Hotel had a fitness center that stayed open past 8 p.m., so that M and I could take turns working out after the kids went to bed.

But even at Disneyland, wishes don't always come true. So tonight, after another tiring (but fun!) day at the amusement park, we tucked the boys in bed, turned out the lights, and waited until the little ones fell asleep. M and I then quietly slipped into our workout wear, laid two bath towels on the floor of our hotel room, and proceeded to silently exercise in the dark.

I know that a lot of people might consider this ridiculous, but to us, our day's not complete if we haven't done something that requires us to mop up our sweat.

Without weights available, I decided to alternate between push-up variations (all pulled from P90X and Insanity) and Ab Ripper X exercises. I did twenty reps of each exercise below (except as otherwise indicated):
  • Standard Push-Ups
  • In & Outs
  • Military Push-Ups
  • Seated Bicycles - Forward
  • Plange Push-Ups
  • Seated Bicycles - Reverse
  • Sphinx Push-Ups
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • Pike Presses
  • Wide-Leg Sit-Ups
  • Squat Push-Ups
  • Fifer Scissors
  • 2-Speed Twitch Push-Ups
  • Hip Rock & Raises
  • Diamond Push-Ups
  • Pulse-Ups
  • Prison Cell Push-Ups (10 reps)
  • V-Up Roll-Ups
  • Decline Push-Ups
  • Oblique V-Ups - Left Side
  • One-Arm Balance Push-Ups
  • Oblique V-Ups - Right Side
  • Dive Bombers (10 reps)
  • Leg Climbs
  • Ab Push-Ups
  • Mason Twists (40 reps)
  • Balance Push-Ups
The most challenging part? Trying to stay quiet.

I think I'm ready to pass out now.