Thursday, April 15, 2010

Round 3 / Day 48: 2K3 Turbulence Training Workout Workout B + RKC Get Ups + P90X+ Abs / Core Plus (+ 50 Pull-Ups)

Before piling everything in the car and making a beeline for Southern California, M and I dutifully got up at 5:30 this morning to exercise.

Today's Turbulence Training routine wasn't too tough -- the stability ball moves and planks are fairly easy, and the rest of the exercises were fairly basic -- so I upped my weights and added brief sets of pull-ups at the end of each superset. By the end of my final set of Step-Ups, I knew I'd picked the right weights; I was just the right amount of exhausted.

Get-Ups are still kicking my ass, particularly when I'm doing them from my left (weaker) side. I may need to start wearing a helmet.

As for Abs / Core Plus, is it just me, or did Tony get a little too carried away with his attempts to add variety to the moves in P90X+? The exercises on the pull-up bar are great, but Cherry Bombs? Banana Masons? Raised-Toe-Iso-Leaning-Standing-Crunches? Are these moves really any better than those in Ab Ripper X?