Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starving In Chicago

I just checked into my hotel and am starving. I'm contemplating whether to order something generic and possibly gross from the room service menu, or to walk over to Frontera Grill, where I always eat when I'm in Chicago, but where I'll probably have to wait a while to get a seat at the counter.

Another option would be to take a cab up to Great Lake for some Bianco-style pizza. (Just thinking about Pizzeria Bianco makes me want to fast-forward to my next trip to Phoenix.) Yes, I've been attempting to go Primal, but pizza is my Kryptonite, and if I make it to Great Lake, I'll have visited an even dozen of the 64 best pizza joints in the country (which, sadly, is still fewer than 20 percent of the places on the list).

I'm starting to drool. It's amazing how hungry you can get from sitting on a plane all day.

[UPDATED: I went to Frontera Grill, sat at the counter, and took photos of what I ate:

I'm not starving anymore.]