Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vacation: Running (Again)

The fitness center was packed again this morning with folks trying to work off their second helpings of kalua pig and macaroni salad, so I took off for another run. After about 45 minutes, I noticed that the inside edge of left my shoe insert (which I'd carefully picked out for its overpronation-negating arch support) was chafing my foot and causing a blister. I took off my shoes, chucked the inserts, and kept running -- with no knee aches or issues. I only ran for an hour and a half today, but I felt like I could have kept going for hours. (It helps to have jaw-dropping beachfront at which to gaze while trotting along.)

I know I just wrote about this yesterday, but I'm already a convert to the low-impact running techniques espoused in "Born to Run" and "Chi Running."

Here are the basics: While running, keep your back straight and lower abdominals tight, keeping your pelvis level and upper body slightly forward. Every time your foot hits the ground, your shoulder, hip bones and ankle should be in a straight line, so that your weight is supported by your frame, not your muscles. Don't let your heels strike the ground first; instead, let the balls of your feet land softly with your knees under your pelvis, and flick your feet freely back towards your butt. To go faster, lean your upper body ahead a bit more.

Running is fun, but after just a few days, I already miss resistance training. Tomorrow: Back to the fitness center -- crowd be damned.