Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't Lie to Phil

If you ever run into Muscular Attorney Phil, don't try to pull one over on him. Don't lie and say that you think Tony's jokes are funny, or that Dreya doesn't bug the hell out of you. If there's one thing Phil can spot, it's a damn dirty liar.

You see, for about as long as he's been doing P90X, Phillip R. Maltin has been traveling up and down the West Coast delivering presentations on identifying and exposing liars. And you know he could probably crush your lying face with his gigantic arms without breaking a sweat. So stay on his good side and go friend him on Facebook.

(More Phil-related awesomeness: According to his law firm bio, Phil graduated from Chico State in 1984, just three years before it was named the Number One Party School in the United States by Playboy Magazine.  And while I know none of you care, he's an employment law attorney in California -- just like me! -- which means, of course, that my choice of career has been totally validated.)