Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adriana Falcon is Insanely Awesome

I know it's too early to start picking my favorite Insanity workout trainers, but after watching her on the Cardio Power & Resistance DVD, I've decided that Adriana Falcon is all kinds of crazy awesome.

I mean, how many other onscreen fitness models have you seen hock a massive loogie onto the polished wood floor of an indoor high school gymnasium, and then use her hand to wipe the remaining string of drool from her hair before flinging it off?

And when Shaun T kneels beside her and says, "Tell me how you're feeling," how many other fitness models would respond with: "I FEEL LIKE SHIT"? (Beachbody bleeped it out, but it doesn't take a lip reader to figure out what she said.)

I rest my case: Adriana is super fucking awesome.