Friday, November 20, 2009

10 Miles

I had a chunk of free time in the middle of my workday today, so on a whim, I decided to go on a run. I changed into my running gear, pulled on my Vibram FiveFinger KSOs, and took off, following the course map for the San Francisco Waterfront 10-mile road race. It took me exactly an hour and a half to complete all ten miles, which is frustratingly slower than I used to run (with shoes), but probably okay for a beginner "barefoot" runner. In the process, I got to tour parts of the city I don't ordinarily visit -- while also thoroughly shredding my calves. It was awesome.

Less awesome was the ravenous hunger I felt upon finishing the run. I darted into the little market across the street from my office and grabbed a Clif Bar, a banana and a Vitamin Water; once outside, I tore open all the shit with my teeth and devoured everything in a Cookie-Monster-like frenzy. After a quick shower at the gym, I limped back to work for my afternoon meetings.

I may be nuts, but I can't wait to do this again.