Thursday, October 22, 2009

P90X Day 75: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X

During last week's Legs & Back workout, I completed 132 pull-ups/chin-ups -- my all-time high. This week, I pushed hard to further increase my reps, and although I've lost all feeling from my fingertips, I managed to eke out a few more than before. So as of today, my new personal best stands at 141 pull-ups/chin-ups: 78 unassisted and 63 assisted. My goal is to hit 80 unassisted pull-ups in a single Legs & Back session, and I have one more shot at it before the end of my first 90-day round. My (numb) fingers are crossed.

As for Ab Ripper X, a lot of the moves have gotten much easier for me (e.g., Mason Twists, V-Up Roll-ups), while some continue to be a gut-punch of a challenge (e.g., Fifer Scissors, Heels-to-the-Heavens). But strangest of all has been my experience with Oblique V-Ups. When I started P90X back in August, Oblique V-Ups were the only move in Ab Ripper X that I could do without breaking a sweat. I loved them because they were easy. But as the weeks have gone by, they've become increasingly difficult to perform. They're now among the most difficult exercises in Ab Ripper X for me -- at the end of this exercise, I'm usually doubled over on the floor, gasping for breath. What gives?