Tuesday, October 6, 2009

P90X Day 59: Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X

This is more like it. 

I enjoyed the hell out of Shoulders & Arms this morning -- especially compared with Sunday's Chest & Back routine.  I didn't experience enormous gains in reps or weights today, but the workout was envigorating and tough without inducing barf.  By the end of the hour, my skin was stretched tight and my little arms were about as pumped as they can get.  I felt like Lou Ferrigno -- complete with green makeup and shitty haircut -- tearing through the very fabric of my shirt (but never, ever ripping the crotch of my pants).

[UPDATE: My morning Ab Ripper X session was interrupted by a sick, wailing, phlegm-spewing preschooler, but I finished it after dinner, and hit a new personal best: 100 Mason twists!]