Friday, September 18, 2009

Rubdown Rundown

This afternoon, I decided to get a massage to see if some pushing and pulling might bring my sore lower back and legs some relief. But I wasn't looking for a relaxing, spa-like massage; I wanted the real deal from an experienced sports massage therapist who could work some magic to release the tightness in my hamstrings and spine.

Using Yelp, I found a great place not too far from home, where I got an appointment with one of the massage therapists for our local Major League Soccer team. She was friendly and informative, and showed me that a lot of my leg issues stem from tight IT bands -- the long bands of fascia on the outside of my thighs. Following her recommendation, I went to a sporting goods store this evening to buy a foam roller to help me stretch and perform "self-myofascial release" (which, unfortunately, sounds more fun than it really is).

The massage itself was fairly intense -- the therapist worked primarily on my legs and lower back, and used deep tissue techniques that were less than comfortable (but effective). Post-massage, I feel great. I'm looser than I've been in a while, and aside from some residual soreness in my calves from the Legs & Back workout yesterday, I'm ache-free. Now, the only question is whether I'm going to pony up the cash for an occasional sports massage to chase the lactic acid from my muscles, or whether I'm going to rely on my new foam roller to do the trick.