Monday, September 14, 2009

P90X Day 37: Plyometrics

I started Plyo today feeling great. Part of it was attributable to the fact that I knew I had zero pull-ups to complete, but mostly, I just woke up wanting to exercise. So after downing some yogurt (and totally ignoring Tony's warning not to eat for at least an hour before plyo), I threw myself into the jumps, twists, spins, marches and circle runs with the abandon of a Shaker in late-eighteenth-century New England (but minus the speaking-in-tongues and faith-healing).

Get your knees UP, people!

Unfortunately, my quads are still super-tight and achy. They burn crazily every time I do a squat-related move. It's like the front of my thighs contracted gonorrhea. (But for the record: Neither I nor anything attached to me has ever contracted gonorrhea.)

[UPDATE: I'm very proud to report that this is now the first site that pops up when you search on Google for "Shakers and gonorrhea."]